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Flexform End Closures, Risers, and Coatings

additions available upon request

Heat Treated Wood End Plugs - 1 1/2" thick

                (IPPC/Bug Stamp Available upon Request)

  • Great for International Shipping or Heavy Duty Projects

Four Way Die Cut Plugs - .060 - .080 Caliper

  • Ships Flat on Nicked Master Sheets
  • No Bug Stamp Required!!
  • Great for the customer who don't want/need wood end plugs.
  • Manufactured from Laminated Paperboard.

Slotted Wood Risers - 1 1/2" thick x 3.5" wide

                 (Attach this to the bottom of your crate!)

  • Makes it easier for fork lifts to lift crate.
  • Keeps banding from catching on freight docks and truck floors.

Michelman Nomar Coating

  • Applied to the inside of your crate
  • Helps prevent abrasions and scratching for your products

Michelman Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Applied to the inside of your crate
  • Inhibits Rusting from your products

Michelman Moisture Resistant Coating

3M Double Sided Tape - For Lighter Calipers

  • Applied to the closing lid of the Flexform.

  • Easy release liner so you can pull, press, and be done!