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Flexform Common Questions

What do you use to attach wood plugs to Flexform?
Because of the density of Flexform, we have found that a Bostitch pneumatic stapler using a wide crown construction staple or a screw shank nail is the best way to attach the wood plugs.

For laminated 4 way die-cut plugs:
Bostitch P50-5B Plier Stapler with ¼” – 5/8” staples with wide crown construction staple

For Wood Plugs:
Bostitch Pneumatic Stapler with wide crown construction staple
Bostitch nailer with screw shank nails

How do you close Flexform?
Steel Banding, polyester or plastic banding, and strapping tape are acceptable ways to close Flexform lids for shipping. This will also depend on the weight of your product.

Can you cut Flexform with a box knife?
Flexform is made to be puncture resistant. The very thing that makes our Flexform Crate puncture-resistant (its density) is the very thing that can make it difficult to saw through with a box knife. We suggest using anything that can cut through wood if you decide to cut Flexform to length in your shop. This saves time and enforces a safe environment for your employees. 

How does Flexform hold up to water?
Flexform does very well in the rain. You will see little to no effect unless it is submerged underwater for a long period of time. Testing has shown that Flexform can stay out in the weather for over a year without structural damage.

How does Flexform hold up to flame?
Because Flexform is compressed leaving little room for air, it is difficult for it to catch aflame when around fire. Since it is a paper product though, if it is held CONTINUOUSLY to a DIRECT flame it will eventually catch fire.

Flexform Common Questions