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Assembling a 5 panel Flexform takes approximately 2 minutes. 

Please see our video for proper folding of the 5-panel Flexform without jigs


  1. Start in the middle and fold crate over until lids are on top of each other in an upside-down position.

  2. Slightly pull side panels apart to slide in end closures.

  3. Once plugs are installed push sides back in to hug the plug.

  4. Staple or nail end closures to Flexform on the bottom and both sides.

         If using Slotted risers:

       - Place slotted risers and flip crate around on top of them.

       - Staple or nail from the inside of the crate into the riser.

  5. Flip crate right side up.

  6. Fill the crate with your product.

  7. Close with strapping or strapping tape.

Flexform Assembly