All of our products ship and store flat, nested or kitted to save storage space and freight costs.
Our team is pleased to design with your specifications and industrial packaging needs in mind.

Contact our product development team to tailor a solution. 

Ecorr® Crate

The ECORR®Crate meets or exceeds the strength of a standard wood crate. Quicker, lighter, more cost-effective and 100% recyclable. 

​​​Flexform Crate 

laminated paperboard crates, also known as flat crate, can be quickly folded into a rigid, durable wood crate replacement.


Paperboard Packaging Solutions:

Your packaging service company for Custom Laminated Paperboard Crates  


heavy-duty paperboard protective packaging wrap with fluted corrugation offers surface protection and shock absorption to protect your products. 

Paperboard Packaging Solutions is committed to providing quality laminated paperboard packaging products. We strive to be your packaging solutions provider for all of your custom made, sustainable, industrial, flat packaging needs.
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