Paperboard Packaging Solutions is a manufactures representative for laminated paperboard packaging products. 

Our product line includes Flexform laminated paperboard crates that can be quickly folded into a rigid durable wood crate replacement. Even though the technical term is laminated paperboard crate we have also heard our crates referred to as a fibreboard or fiberboard crate. 

Rollerboard paperboard protective packaging wrap with its fluted corrugation offers surface protection and shock absorption to protect your products. 

Corruven technology which offers two different heavy corrugated packaging options corrPACK RE and corrSHIELD. Both offer high strength protective packaging wraps.

All our products are designed to your specifications, and we are pleased to help you with your industrial packaging needs.
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Paperboard Packaging Solutions: Custom Laminated Paperboard Crates

Paperboard Packaging Solutions is your source for custom laminated paperboard packaging solutions.